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Fun Ways to Learn about Conservation in San Diego

Image By Elizabeth Bickford (SeaLife Park)

As a native San Diegan I take pride in our gorgeous coastline and the precious sea life our ocean contains.This summer I had the chance to explore several San Diego County attractions that focus on wildlife and coastal conservation. There are so many interactive locations for families to encounter sea life and learn about how we can protect the creatures within our oceans.

Image By Elizabeth Bickford (Birch Aquarium) Above the shoreline of La Jolla. California you will find Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institute, this aquarium has been open to the public for many years but remains extremely relevant in our day and age. The aquarium continues to find new and engaging ways to address conservation with young and inquisitive minds.

Image By Elizabeth Bickford (Birch Aquarium)

Its latest installation entitled Oddities explores their archive of specimens in a modern fashion explaining how sea life must become superheroes in order to survive! When you walk into the exhibit you feel as though you have jumped on to the pages of a graphic novel! There are several interactive opportunities for the children such as dress up as a superhero hands on touch, and plush play lounge! Through this engaging method children are invited to learn about the oceans that support and sustain so much life including our own, this is a great opportunity for children to learn!

Watch our Youtube Video on Birch Aquarium for more information!

Image By Elizabeth Bickford (SeaWorld San Diego) Another long established property to explore the benefits of sea life conservation is SeaWorld San Diego. SeaWorld has been a champion for sick and injured sea life found up-and-down our coast. As this institution is a for profit organization they do not depend on donations, grants, and government funding to operate their rescue program unlike a non- profit, the company is able to provide an influx of cash whenever needed to support the rescue of an animal in need.

Image By Elizabeth Bickford (SeaWorld San Diego)

I recently had the chance to tour their animal rescue center and found several groups of seal and sea lion pups who were under SeaWorld’s care. These sea creatures received the medical care necessary to be rehabilitated and many were already set to be returned to their natural habitat. Without the private funding provided by admission tickets and merchandise sales SeaWorld would not have the necessary funding to provide life saving medical care to these sick animals. By attending the park families can support sea life conservation and find many opportunities to discuss how we all treat our environment through interacting with sea life.

Click here for a video on behind the scenes at SeaWorld San Diego!

Image By Elizabeth Bickford (Legoland CA) Another local San Diego location to discuss sea life conservation was some place I least expected; Legoland California! We attended the grand opening of the Deep Sea Adventure – a submarine ride at the amusement park. While on this ride children have the opportunity to search for hidden treasure as well as learn about sea life within the aquarium as they travel on submarine.

Image By Elizabeth Bickford (Legoland CA)

In addition to the new ride, Legoland California is also home to Sea Life park, this aquarium offers a two story sea adventure complete with Lego figures and interactive displays. Aquariums have rescued animals. The aquarium provides a safe and secure home for these creatures who were unable to return to their natural habitat.

Watch this video to see us explore Legoland California!

Image By Elizabeth Bickford (Fleet Science Center) Currently for the summer of 2018 the Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park offers a immersive experience for conservationists. Be sure to check out the iMAX film The Great Barrier Reef. This show offers a unique under the sea point of view - the film offers an exploration of the Great Barrier Reef. Join the narrator and film’s main character as she explores the Great Barrier Reef, a place that she has called home since she was a small child. Join as she explores what is happening to the Great Barrier Reef and further discusses the importance of conservation. This iMAX film is appropriate for all ages and provides wonder and insight to all those in attendance.

Image By Elizabeth Bickford (SeaWorld San Diego)

Sharing the lessons of conservation: the protection of our shores and caring for our oceans are so important for future generations! Experiencing the impacts of conservation in a fun and educational setting make it much easier for families to start the conversations needed to insure the preservation of the beauty of our natural environment!

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