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SoCal Hotels to Book this Summer!

Irvine Company Resort Properties are a favorite of mine and right now is the time to book - as their unique take on hospitality and hotel services never disappoint. I feel comfortable bringing my children into the spaces, I feel like they are not out of place and that helps me relax! I particularly enjoy the availability of reasonably priced marketplace items especially as someone who travels with children on a regular basis I find it extremely helpful to have access to items families need and not at prices that break my pocket book. I feel like the property merge the perfect amount of luxury with practical accommodations.

We recently had the opportunity to stay at two Irvine Company Resort Properties in SoCal. Our first visit was to the Fashion Island Hotel in Newport Beach, CA. Here I have to say the accommodations and dining really took center stage! I cannot stress how much I love the hotel's restaurant Oak Grill. It has become one of my favorite places! The flat bread and bacon macaroni and cheese was exceptional! I like that I could dine here with my children and still have a gourmet experience. My children extremely enjoyed trying new dishes and they had some great family friendly options for dining at the pool which made for a true vacation since we never had to leave the poolside.

I do highly recommend upgrading to the Island Club which includes light snacks throughout the day, drinks, gourmet coffee, concierge services, and a light breakfast. This includes curbside check-in and upgraded Wi-Fi which are extremely important when traveling with children. This upgrade also includes access to the spa steam room which was very relaxing! As a bonus, the upgrade included access to a DVD library which made it easier for the kids to wind down at night and watch a movie before bed.

Two weeks later we had the opportunity to stay at their sister property in Irvine. Hotel Irvine was hosting a backyard movie night which included complimentary drinks and light snacks. We were very excited as the property was playing The Greatest Showman - a favorite of our family! Attendees could upgrade their ticket to include unlimited access to the barbecue which consisted of hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken wings along with sides like coleslaw, french fries, and salad. There was an additional upgrade included access to up front seating and unlimited access of the buffet in addition to this the party received a bottle of Rosé or Prosecco. I liked these options as they're perfect for a summer evening!

My children accompanied me on this visit and they extremely enjoyed waiting for the movie to start. They ran around the lawn and played games with each other. If you cannot entertain yourself like 7 and 8 year-olds can then I would recommend going down to the lawn at the beginning of the seating time and grabbing your seats and head over to the pool to kill time and dine just before the sunset. If you choose not to stay at the hotel during a movie night, have no fear, there are tons of interesting opportunities all over the hotel property.

The hotel has family games in the backyard available on a regular basis as well as fun dining experiences like burgers and craft brews by the pool and if you go to the front desk you can also check out some putters and go out to their putt-putt area across the parking lot from the hotel. Again at this property there is so much to experience and so much fun to be had!

The general area and location of these hotels are great if you are trying to stay central to things in SoCal. I like that you're able to zip over to Anaheim and spend some time at the Disney theme parks or head down the coast to take in some of the beaches or possibly head down into San Diego. You cannot go wrong staying at an Irvine Company Resort Properties - the management at both of the hotels I visited is outstanding and I have never been disappointed by any of my stays. I recommend heading to to find more reviews and to book your next visit.

The reviews are based upon a hosted stay and complementary dining however, all opinions and statements are my own.

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