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Olympia Luggage - Travel Review

Finding the right luggage for extensive travel is important so I wanted to make sure I went with a US brand with innovative features, and I found that in Olympia Luggage.

Travel Review for Olympia Luggage
Denmark Plus at K Club Ireland

I recently went on a 10-day trip to Ireland. While we were there, we explored five different properties, and I tested a new set of luggage. I knew I was going to need luggage for this trip since we had not travelled internationally in four years. Previously, we were traveling with canvas two-wheel bags, and I felt like it was time for us to move onto the next generation of luggage.


We started by testing the Olympia Denmark Plus carry-on which features four all direction wheels and a hard case. The carry-on is approved for overhead size for all major airlines. It was easy to get around the airports, and I had no trouble getting down the center isle of the airplane. Sometimes, I can have a bit of anxiety that I’m going to bump or get snagged up on somebody’s arm while I’m walking down the aisle, but I had absolutely no trouble. I transferred on and off moving walkways easily, and I was able to carry my small personal item on top of the carry-on with ease.


Olympia Luggage Travel Review
Olympia Luggage at Dromoland Castle, Ireland

During our stay, we transferred hotels four times! Each time I was able to easily pack up my luggage and get it from destination to destination. At one location the bag was one of the last to load and it took a tumble down the back of the van and at that time it was containing two glass bottles. I was a bit concerned, but when we made it to our destination, everything was perfect inside, and there was no structural damage done to the bag. I think that was a great real-life test for the Denmark!


Additionally, we had the three-piece Apache Plus II set for the rest of our luggage. It was an excellent deal for three pieces. We had no problems, and the two larger pieces went through checked baggage, we received them back in great condition. Everything that we packed was still exactly where we left it, and it was easy to navigate the airport when arriving and departing with all four bags plus our large oversized golf bag.


Travel Review Olympia Luggage
Denmark Plus in Ireland

Some of my favorite features on the luggage were the bottom handles located on the carry-on cases. Sometimes bags need to go in wheel first and sometimes they go facing out. It’s great to have a handle on both sides. Also, I appreciated the expandable edges and the hidden interior pocket to house laptops or small electronics that you may need to take in and out of the carry-on. Finally, the lightweight of the luggage itself was beneficial, especially when traveling internationally you must be careful of your luggage weight and being comprised of such a light material really helped us meet our weight limits.


Overall, I recommend the Olympia USA luggage. Being made in the United States is definitely a plus, and the ease and security we experienced with the luggage offered a great peace of mind. If you want to check out the luggage for yourself, please visit the Olympia USA store. You can use my code SOCALTRAVELXOLYMPIA for an additional 30% off your own luggage set!


Travel Review
Dromoland Castle

Thank you to Olympia, USA for providing the Denmark Plus to complete this review! All opinions are my own and I was not asked to express any point of view. Note: some links provide me commission.


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