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Holiday Season Gift Ideas 2022

Picking out the right gift year after year is surely an art form and this year I’m here to help you with a gift ideas for a variety of people on your list. The guide offers gift ideas and links for 2022, many of them have discounts to help you save this Holiday season.

Gift Ideas for the Wine Lover

In Good Taste offers an amazing assortment of wine collections. Many of them are in small batches and organically sourced. For the holiday season consider picking up the Wine Advent Calendar. This calendar offers a variety of Whites, Reds, and Roses. Along with the 24 bottles of wine IGT offers a tasting guide that includes notes on each wine, pairing suggestions, and even some recipes!

Look at my Reel for a sneak peek of the calendar. I look forward to sharing the rest of the calendar throughout the month of December. Be sure to order your calendar now because it will sell out before December.

For the person in your life that I loves wine and especially champagne, I recommend the Iron Horse Club subscription. The savings with this subscription is substantial! I recommend the Wine Maker’s Choice Club, Sparkling Only - featuring two bottles each month club. The sparkling wine is top notch.

Their tiny bubbles will win over the palate of your toughest connoisseur! You can sign up for their membership here! This is the membership that I currently have!

Gift Ideas to help Relax

If someone on your list is constantly on the go or stressed through the day, I recommend a gift from Breo Home Health. The Breo iNeck3 Pro Neck massager is a luxurious way to relax at the end of the day! This offers three different speeds and intensities. The hands free and ergonomic neck shape is perfect for enjoying movie watching or reading at the end of the day. This excellent gift can be picked up on Amazon or through Breo’s website.

Also, be on the look out for their newest launch of the Breo Foot Massager that is perfect for someone on their feet all day. The newest model not only massages the feet, but it warms them too!

Essential oils can offer a great way to relax, or to prevent stressful situations. Check out the essential oil line from Vici wellness. I use the “Oh Migraine” when I feel a headache coming on. The scent offers nearly immediate relief. I also use the “Happy Hour” hangover support, patches and rollers when I am out doing drink reviews! This would be a great companion to have during all the holiday parties this year and for future fun evenings out!

I also recommend their glycerin soap the Almond Honey. It is one of my favorite scents and it’s a great way to start out your morning! Visit their site here to check out their full product line.

Gift Ideas for a Movie Buff

Do you have someone on your gift list too is constantly quoting movies or song lyrics to you? The Crazy Dog T-shirt company has you cover this Christmas! You should definitely pick them up a graphic tee. They have such a wide variety and assortment of items you’ll be able to find something from one of your favorite movies.

You can visit their store directly or shop on Amazon. You can see a few that I sported over the past year here.

A rooftop movie is a fun experience to gift! If you have a Rooftop Cinema Club near you, I recommend buying the VIP package and getting cozy with your favorite movie partner.

The headphone experience immerses you in the movie and the full-service bar and concession stand create a fun evening or daytime experience. You’ll be able to find activities and fun themes throughout the year.

Check out my reel on the Rooftop Cinema Club in San Diego.

Gift Ideas for the Traveler

If you have a frequent flyer on your list, I recommend Rydir Bands. This is great for the commuter because the bands hold their personal item to the top of their carry-on roller. A lot of times if this person is commuting alone they ill be stuck with their luggage, but the Rydir band secures it together so that the second personal item does not fall off while taking corners or sliding into a restroom stall. As a mom, I love that it’s hands-free and I can keep a hand on my kids still. Look at some of their stylish options on their web store.

If you’re looking for a practical gift idea for a flyer in your list, I recommend the Rejuva Health fashionable compression series. I use both the compression tights and the compression socks. If I’m traveling for anything longer than a three-hour flight I definitely need compression. It helps circulate and ensures that when I get off my flight, I’m ready to enjoy myself! You can check out their brand here.

Gift Ideas for the Perpetual Host

The NewAir Beverage fridges are always a great option for the host with the most! The beverage fridges are quick to chill and have an aesthetic that blends into your space. I recommend this as an addition to your kitchen bar or a den space. You could pick up one of their beverage fridges/kegerators for the premier backyard party!

As a note, you can hear the compressor, but they only turn on to keep the temperature chilled so depending on what type of beverage you are chilling, you may or may not hear it turn on and off.

Be sure to use the code FRIEND-BMSPXNM so that you can save on your purchase!

If someone on your list loves chilled glass of wine then VoChill is the perfect gift idea and Oprah agrees! This year the VoChill stemless option made Oprah’s Favorite Things List! VoChill offers stemless and stemmed options. The cradle goes into your freezer so it will be ready for use whenever they need it. This is perfect for dinner parties, wine tastings, and nights by the firepit.

VoChill is offering a 15% discount this holiday season if you use the Code: SoCalTravelBlog but, use it quick because it is projected to sell out this season.

Do you have a person on your list that is always the host? Wow them this holiday season by bringing them their own tequila sampler or engraved tequila box from CaliFino. CaliFino is made with 100% blue agave that has some of the smoothest tasting tequila on the market. Recently listed in the top five tequilas by Forbes this gift will not disappoint! Use code Elizabeth20 to save yourself 20% on top of any sales going on their website. I recommend picking up the reposado or the Extra Anejo for your own holiday cheer!

Gift Ideas for the Outdoors Lover

The Ocoopa hand warmers are perfect for the person on your list that is always on the go! This would be great for somebody who is taking hikes or long walks with their dogs – rain or shine. This device is an instant hand warmer and will be easy to transport on the trail.

They can use it for everything from dog walks, outdoor festivals, to open air markets! It fits nicely in a jacket pocket and can be recharged after each use. Get a discount on the handwarmers by using this link.

I am recommend these items because I have sampled them or have been sent them to review! This means I have firsthand knowledge and make my recommendations based on experience.

I am constantly reviewing new items and experiences. Be sure to follow me on Instagram, SoCal Travel Blog, so that you can stay up to date with my reviews featuring discount codes!

Disclaimer: I may receive commission on select items, but all opinions are my own.


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