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The Five Best Things to do at Halloween Horror Nights

Check out this list for the five best things to do at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood. This terrifying event has haunted mazes, interactive scare zones, and fun attractions! Make the most of this annual event by prioritizing these five best things to do at HHN!

La Llarona Maze

The maze featuring La Llarona was excellent! The combination of the Mexican-American storyline and the realistic nature of the storytelling made for a terrifying experience. The jump scares were magnificent in this area! If you really like to be frightened this is a maze that you will not want to pass up! I suggest going here towards the end of the night, it has a shorter line at that time and since it is one of the best mazes I would suggest leaving it towards the end as a finale. Additionally, I love that it exits right into the village where there are associated themes. Having the exit right here really felt like an extension of the maze. Watch my reel to see some highlights of the maze.

The Terror Tram

The Terror Tram was a great way to walk through several mazes at once. During your ride there is a turn of events where you are forced off of the tram when you reach the Mazes and a homicidal clown invites you to their horrific Halloween party! The Mazes in this area are themes featuring Jordan Peele’s movies Us and Nope! Waiting for the tram is one of the easier lines because there is nearby food and bathrooms so even if the line is long it is still an enjoyable wait. Be sure to check out when the last tram of the night is because it is a hard stop. When we were there the last tram time was at 11:45 PM and at 11:46 they were sending people away.

Killer Klowns with Chainsaws

By Elizabeth BickfordBy Elizabeth BickforBy Elizabeth BickfoBy Elizabeth BickfBy Elizabeth BickBy Elizabeth BicBy Elizabeth BiBy Elizabeth BBy Elizabeth By ElizabethBy ElizabetBy ElizabeBy ElizabBy ElizaBy ElizBy EliBy ElBy EBy ByBThis area is hard to miss because you walk directly into it when you enter the park into Halloween Horror Nights. However, I suggest coming through here a few times because it is great fun to not only get a few scares for yourself but to watch others be scared. I especially enjoyed sitting and watching the clowns intermingle into the group and just sneak up behind somebody and let their chainsaw just turnover and scare the daylights out of people. It is one of my favorite places to sit and taking soBy Elizabeth Bickfordme people watching.

The Weekend: After Hours Nightmare!

The Weekend: After Hours Nightmare maze was one of my favorites. This maze did have a long line but if you had the express pass you were able to walk right in. The maze is located on the lower lot and it was about an hour wait when we were there on opening weekend. The people I spoke to who waited in the standard standby lane said that one thing that really helped make the craziness feel realistic was that the line played the same four songs over and over while you waited in line and so you were really on edge and ready when you entered the maze. There were a lot of live actors and some very interesting visual facts. I especially liked that there was a mirror maze inside of the experience it was good use of a classic effect!

Experience Your Favorite Rides

I found that during Halloween Horror Nights most of the lines for the attractions were short! This is a great way to experience short lines and a nighttime version of some of your favorite rides. I especially enjoyed taking on the flight of the hippogriff. This is usually a very long line for a short ride but, during the Halloween Horror Nights the line was only 10 minutes and we got to see a beautiful nighttime view of Hogwarts castle!

Tip: I noticed the park offered a discounted rate for the express pass around 11 pm. This would still be more than enough time to get through all the mazes.

Overall, I think this is an excellent way to visit Universal Studios Hollywood. Halloween horror nights is a really fun event that transforms Universal Studios into a Halloween event that you will talk about all year!


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