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Package from Santa Review

The Package from Santa group offers fun, interactive, and creative ways to spread Christmas cheer! The packages all come complete with a personalized letter from Santa and creative packaging to remind your child or loved one that Santa Claus is coming to town!

Our Experience

We ordered the Platinum Package that is loaded with bonuses and fun ways to interact with Santa! The personalized videos and Nice List certificates make the product special! My daughter loved the cute touches inside the box, like Rudolph signed with his hoof and the Head Elf has the same name as the Head Elf in “The Santa Claus”. I enjoyed that there was flexibility in what we could add to the box. I was able to pick the type of letter I wanted to send - I picked the “Losing Belief” letter as my daughter is Ten years old so that is becoming a topic of discussion. I also like that I could add cute little pieces like the north pole snow and adorable reindeer knit hats!

When the Box arrived it was stamped with the seal of the North Pole and personalized stickers. The Box itself is so beautiful, red outside and inside it is decorated with a scene from Santa’s Workshop. When you remove the paper on top of the goodies the box comes to life with music! Everything is laid out nicely and there is a lot to explore and inspect. In addition to the wonderful treats inside, the Platinum Package comes with personalized video messages, phone calls, and letter templates to return letters to Santa.


We had a wonderful time experiencing the Packages from Santa box! To see the different options and compare the packages please visit the Packages from Santa website. The pricing does vary and the Platinum Package offers a great value but it does come with a “Christmas” aesthetic price tag. I think this is a great idea for Grandparent Gifts or families that are apart during the holidays - it would be a fun thing to video and talk about with the grandkids. Overall, I think this is a great way to add some cheer into your holidays! Be sure to order as soon as possible - these are personalized boxes so they take time to create and there are only so many boxes available.

Disclosure: We received the platinum package as a gift to review the item and provide first hand experiences.


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