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Fandom Party Review - 2023

By Elizabeth Bickford

In a tough year to be a fan, the 2023 Fandom Party managed to pull off another stellar event! Featuring fan favorite experiences, fantastic food, and a great live performance!

One of the most highly anticipated events of the year, the Fandom Party allows fans to not only interact with experiences, but the opportunity to meet creators and fans. You never know who you’re going to run into because they are fans themselves. This year I had the pleasure of meeting Corey Feldman. I got to thank him for making some of my favorite childhood movie magic!

The event features delicious bites and themed drinks. It’s a great place to mix and mingle with those enjoying the magic that is comic-con. The Fandom Party is also a great place to learn about new and exciting projects coming from some of your favorite outlets. We had the opportunity to learn about the Immortals of Aveum and pick up some swag. On top of a sneak peek of the game we also had the opportunity to see some Paramount+ projects.

The live performance is always the highlight of the evening. For 2023, K-pop icons, NCT DOJAEJUNG headlined the event! Their dance moves were unparalleled! Visit our Instagram for reels from the red carpet from 2022 to see what a typical Fandom Party looks like.

To learn more about the Fandom Party and to get a chance to attend next year be sure to visit their site - it’s the best way to celebrate your favorite FANDOM!


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