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Return of the Travel Industry

COVID numbers are probably down in your area if you are in most of the world, but those numbers look very different in some places. The travel industry has been sleeping but I think it is ready to come out of hibernation. If you live someone near a travel destination, I urge you to start your travels their first to see the largest impact in your local economy!

Now is the time to start exploring near your own community! Support the travel industry and your local economy. The travel industry has seen a decrease of 42% in the last year! The local travel destinations probably provide a lot back to your community by way non-profit donations, bringing travelers money into the economy, and by those bountiful taxes! Your travel dollar can do so much more in your own community than you know - that local hotel, restaurant, theme park, or beach employs your neighbors and friends who in turn put their business back into your community.

Soon, we will be ready to explore the globe - hopefully the European Union and other foreign governments will invite us, and our USD, back into their economy. For now why not keep that dollar at home where you can support your neighbors and friends while having fun being a tourist in your own town. Who knows what you might have missed all these years!

If you are looking for local ideas - try - a site I work with. They have a travel network of families that review local attractions all over the world!


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