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Terranea - LA's Coastal Resort

Terranea Resort is by far one of the best well-designed properties I have visited! This is a true SoCal Paradise delighting the Business Traveller, Couples, and Families alike! The resort is located along the coast and boasts a beautiful oceanfront view! What was once Marineland (SeaWorld predecessor) is now LA's premier oceanfront resort.

The Property had an extremely well laid plan! We were able to take advantage of most amenities during our stay but there was such a variety that we were not able to do everything within two days. We of course spend a lot of time down at the pool where the children enjoyed the splash pad and the waterslide! We were there during spring break and we never feel crowded or in a hurry to find a spot down at the pool - it was a relaxing fun filled visit. The pool area overlooked the ocean and it was simply great for the entire family!

Although, we did not use the other pools on-site there were three additional pools on property that were for families with older children and another for those 18 years and up. There was also a spa only pool which had the most amazing view overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This pool was also located near the fitness center which had a glass room for the daily complementary fitness classes such as yoga or cycling all with a direct view of the ocean.

Another amenity that we took full advantage of was the hiking trail. We walked up and down the property and the children had a great time stopping at the lookout points. We were lucky enough to see both dolphins and whales during our stay! One morning we were able to take the complementary coastal hike which is led by a tour guide from Terranea. If you are visiting California for the first time you will learn a lot about our natural environment and if you are native Californian you might learn something new! For anyone staying at the resort this is it a great opportunity to find picturesque spots! During this hike you will have an opportunity to locate the Terranea beach - which has a lot of rocks so it is not the best for swimming but it is great for kayaking and other sports like stand up paddle boarding. There is sand on the upper part of the beach and it's a great place for the kids to build a little sandcastle or sunbathing.

We were also lucky enough to be at the property during a Falconry Talk - Falconry is an important part of the Terranea resort. As the property used to be an aquarium seagulls and other birds found the area to be a good resource for food. However, the seagulls can become a nuisance for those wishing to relax and not have a surprise drop in on them! At the falconry talk we were able to learn a lot about hawks, falcons, and owls! This is a great opportunity for the entire family!

The Terranea Links golf course was also a great place to spend an afternoon. My husband and I had the opportunity to play a round at the executive course that was perfect for a fair weather golfer like myself! I didn't feel the pressure of people rushing me or expecting greatness and each hole and I had an excellent time! While we have the opportunity to go golfing our girls went to the kids club. The kids club was a lot of fun for them they were able to make some crafts and play some board games. The room seemed like a kid’s paradise complete with an extensive collection of fish in an aquarium. My daughter has a lot of separation anxiety but she was treated so kindly that she didn't want to leave when I came to pick her up!

There were just so many great little extras at the property like the water stations for the morning joggers or the shuttles that take you from one side of the property to the other that it is easy to be delighted around every corner of the resort!

Gourmet Dinning at hotels are becoming a truly amazing trend in Southern California! Terranea is definitely not an exception to that trend, the food on property was delicious! Terranea takes the farm to table concept to a new level. They not only have a private farm that they locally source their items on a regular basis but they also harvest salt from their own beach!

We had the opportunity to dine at both the remodeled Catalina Kitchen and Nelson’s on property. I was extremely impressed by the selection and attention to detail at Catalina Kitchen. There was a cute treasure chest for the kids to select a prize from once they finish their activity sheet – I always love when restaurants encourage my children to stay busy – it make dining that much more enjoyable. The food was delicious and I highly recommend the Poke! Nelson’s was a little more casual environment but it had a bonus of the most amazing sunset views! We were there during a huge sand storm so we could not eat outside but despite shutting down half the seating the service was quick and tasty!! At Nelson’s I have to recommend the Tater-Tot nachos – they were AMAZING!

Not only were the restaurants delicious but the coffee shop - Sea Beans - was world class! The baked goods were so fresh and had so much flavor that I wished I live closer to go there every day! A word of advice is if you are an early riser - head there right away because the shop does get quite busy but even if there is a line it is definitely worth the wait! The cronuts were delicious in the morning but if you go later in the day I recommend the cupcakes! The Unicorn Cupcake was my absolute favorite out of all of the world!

I highly recommend booking your trip to Terranea as soon as possible! The season is upon us and the SoCal weather is perfect for a getaway!

You can view my full review at!

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