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Day of the Doughnut!

Image by Elizabeth Bickford

Lately, I have been coming in contact with AMAZING gourmet doughnuts! Theme-parks, restaurants, and food trucks are all getting in on the Doughnut game!!

Image by Elizabeth Bickford

Universal Studios Hollywood

This was my first introduction to the gourmet version of the everyday doughnut. CityWalk has the world famous Voodoo Doughnut shop where it would be a sin to miss out on the indulgent treats! My favorite doughnut is the Marshall Mathers - it is a cake doughnut covered in vanilla frosting and topped with M&M's! I tried several options including the Portland Cream and the Voodoo Bubble they were great but I have a love for cake doughnuts.

If you are looking for sheer impressive amounts of doughnuts look no further than Springfield's Lard Lads' Doughnuts. This Homer sized treat is an Instagram worthy delight! MMMMM...giant doughnut! Check out my guide on Universal Studios Hollywood for more ideas for your doughnut celebration!

This weekend don't miss the exclusive Strawberry Confetti Doughnut from Voodoo Doughnuts - only available June 1-3!

Image by Elizabeth Bickford


Disneyland has thrown some delicious competitors into the ring and I must day they can hold their own! I have had several Pixar themed doughnuts. Look no further than the coffee cart next to the Sleeping Beauty Castle to find a variety of doughy treats! I have seen many people hunting down the illusive pineapple dole whip doughnut. These pop up unexpectedly and disappear without notice, they are so rare the coffee cart workers don't know when they will be available.

In California Adventure at the Schmoozie Shop you can find an exclusive Monsters Inc. cronut cream filled treat with Mike's adorable face!

Image by Elizabeth Bickford

Dominique Ansel LA Bakery

This location is typically surrounded by a crowd and a line of Cronut(r) crazy fans! This bakery is known for it's revolutionary treats and tasty works of art. I have been to this location several times and I have found the best time to grab a doughnut and a coffee is between 10-11 am. Don't miss out on exploring The Grove with a delicious sugary treat - it will power your shopping spree!

This weekend will surely be a great time to explore one of these doughnut locations or head out to your local bakery and give yourself permission to try something new!

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