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CaliFino Tequila Valentine's Day Bundle

I recently tasted the CaliFino tequila Valentine's Day bundle featuring pairings of CaliFino tequila and Chuao chocolate - both businesses are located in Carlsbad, CA. This unique box features four bottles of 100 ml of tequila along with a tasting of chocolate! The bundle comes in in an adorable box filled with a tasting guide and a valentine you can personalize for your recipient.

The Tasting

I started out with the Blanco CaliFino tequila and worked my way up because when I was at the CaliFino Tasting room I learned it was best to build on the tequilas, this would mean I would need no palate cleansers. The Blanco is aged 6 years and made with 100% blue agave and it was paired with the Totally Tangy Mango chocolate bar. This pairing worked great, as the Blanco worked well with the sweet mango and hints of chili in the dark chocolate. The Blanco tequila took on the flavors of the chocolate which is why I usually make my cocktails with Blanco.

Next, I tried the Reposado CaliFino tequila which is paired with the Cheeky Cheeky Churro. The Reposado is aged for 12 months in American white oak barrels. The chocolate was sweet and did in fact taste like a chocolate churro. There was cinnamon and sugar swirled throughout the chocolate. The reposado had a nice heat to it which paired well with this sweet treat.

Then, I tried the Anejo which was paired with the Spicy Maya - a dark chocolate. The chocolate had a nice taste to it with a spicy finish. You could feel the chocolate warming towards the end of the taste. The Anejo CaliFino tequila is always a delight, it is aged 24 to 36 months a caramel scent and a lovely smooth finish.

Finally, I tried the Extra Anejo CaliFino tequila, this is aged a minimum of 7 years and features a French Oak barrel finish. The tequila was paired with the Sweet and Salty chocolate bar. The Oak and Carmel in the Extra Anejo went very well with the salty sweet flavors of this chocolate. I loved the finish and that it was a milk chocolate which happens to be my favorite.

I think overall my favorite pairing was the Extra Anejo with the sweet and salty chocolate bar. I had a tasting of each item in the bundle and there is still plenty tequila and chocolate to enjoy. Consider ordering this box for your Valentine before they sell out, right now many of the boxes are on sale and with my code: Elizabeth20 you can save an additional 20% on all your orders.

Check out my reel on Instagram to watch me try them all.


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